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Unfair Dismissal: Quantic Dream condemned on appeal

par Solidaires Informatique
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New legal defeat for the French studio against one of its ex­employees

The company dismissed an employee in 2017 for gross misconduct. A first trial in September  2018 reclassified this dismissal as a dismissal for serious cause. The former employee appealed this decision, believing that the dismissal had no legal basis.
On October 6, 2021, the Paris Court of Appeal ruled in her favor.

Some facts to remind
After the revelation of the existence and the diffusion within the company of toxic and degrading photomontages, the employee was interviewed by an employee representative,
also author of some of the photomontages. He asked her for a certificate stating that she had not been offended by these « artworks ». One of them targeted her with the words
« all women are born equal but the best ones become accountants », accountants being crossed out and replaced by « whore ». The employee refused.
She was called a few weeks later for an evaluation interview. The company accused her of errors in her work and aggressive behavior. This meeting marked the beginning of a procedure leading to her dismissal for gross misconduct.
In comparison, the author of the photomontages only received a warning.

After four years of proceedings, the court condemns Quantic Dream.
None of the allegations addressed by the company were retained by the court. As an example: the company reproaches the employee for having scanned documents related
to the self­dismissal of Guillaume de Fondaumière (a transaction that brought him more than 100 000€). However, as a management assistant and according to the employer itself, her duties required her to have access to all the company’s accounting information. The company therefore reproaches its employee for having performed a task that corresponds to her job description.
This press release is an opportunity to give the ex­employee a voice:

After years of proceedings, complaints, legal harassment, finally a decision that restores the facts. I am relieved and proud to have held my ground against an attitude that could be described as disloyal, dishonest and intimidating. Nobody is above the law. Good luck and be at peace with your conscience. Here everything is better. Yours sincerely.

Finally, other ex­employees of Quantic Dream are still experiencing financial difficulties, are unemployed or are facing important legal costs. They have set up a solidarity fund; your help will be appreciated:

Solidaires Informatique is delighted with this court decision and reiterates its support for the former employee. The union stands by the workers of Quantic Dream and the sector to defend their rights, against sexism and abusive dismissals.

Quantic Dream: new defeat


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